Mandala Tapestry Magic Elephant



130 x 150 cm130 x 150 cm
150 x 210 cm150 x 210 cm
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Mandala Tapestry Magic Elephant

Do you feel like giving a change to the decoration of your house in a simple and economical way? Placing a decorative tapestry on the wall of your living room or your bedroom can totally transform a space. If you are an elephant lover, the Mandala Tapestry Magic Elephant is going to be your favorite in any of its two versions. In blue tones or in our multicolored version.

Did you know that elephants are considered sacred animals in countries like India or Thailand? There are a symbol of good fortune and protection. So their representations, both in tapestries and sculptures, are widely used as decoration in homes and businesses. They are also evoked when starting a new project, since their intelligence, talent and wisdom help remove obstacles. Having elephant figures in the environments is considered a bearer of Good Luck and a symbol of Family Union. Give one of our Magic Elephant sheets and experience the benefits that your presence will provide. Whether you decide to use it to decorate a wall, as a cover or sheet for your bed or simply to take it as a base wherever you go, beach, mountain …


  • Material: Polyester
  • Features: Soft and comfortable printed fabric
  • Utilities: decorative for wall, as space separator, covers for bed, such as bed sheet or beach mat (no towel)
  • Measures: 150 x 130 cm or 210 x 150cm (there may be differences of 5 cm)
  • Colors: Blue tones or multicolored version


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